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We are looking for talents and dream catchers to accomplish challenging missions.

Senior Testing Specialist

Job Description

1. Planning and implementing automatic testing cases; maintaining testing environment; insuring the quality and speed of programmes.

2. Developing automatic testing tools, improving testing efficiency.

3. Tracking and locating product defects and problems; taking part in technical designs; writing testing code for developers.


1. At least three years' system testing experience in large internet projects; with comprehensive testing experience; able to correctly structure and carry out unit testing, function testing, integration testing and smoke testing.

2. Proficient in applying python, shell, php and other languanges to carry out testings; proficient in using automatic testing tools and systems; developer familiar with Gitlab-ci is preferred.

3. Having intense interest and abundant experience in software testings; great analytical skills and good at problem locating; strong sense of responsibility and great communicating skills. the posted salary is for reference only, the actual salary and options is without limit and will depend on your abilities.

Insurance plan, Transportation and communication allowance, flat organizational structure, free drinks and snacks.

AML Specialist

Job Description

1. Analyzing demands, designing systems and involving in product R&D in anti-money laundering area; designing flexible and sustainable technical solutions out of business demands; insuring the high-standard accomplishment of R&D projects in a efficient way.

2. Open-minded in terms of technology; taking part in AML product brainstorms and technical innovations; puting efforts to AML product aiming for Fintech market.

3. Applying systems and data platforms comprehensively to ensure that the AML system can provide extended services in a reliable, stable and flexible way.


1. Solid knowledge in Python or Java programming; applicants with experience in large distributed system development is preferred.

2. Proficient in open source like Python, Java or others; good at object-oriented analysis and design (OOA/D) and Domain-Driven Design

3. Candidates with product developing experience in areas of anti-money laundering and compliance are preferred.

4. Experience in big data smart product developing is required; with good knowledge of algorithms, tools and methods of data mining. Applicants with relevent product designing experience in networking, time sequence, assorting and clustering models are preferred.

5. Intense interest in technology; enjoying deep study; having good understanding of techonology developing trend; self-motivated.

6. Familiar with big data technology. e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Storm

Product Manager (AML Line)

Job Description

1. Good knowledge of AML solutions, able to combine them in a effective way and unite them to product planning and designing; able to provide reasonable product solutions in accordance of different business models.

2. In charge of AML product designing. managing the expectancy of products, putting forward the datamation and intellectual development of AML products; optimazing user experience; enhancing operation efficiency.

3. Closely follow the developing trend of finance, retailer, banking and other industries; profund understanding of different AML regulation requirements for different business lines and planning and updating products accordingly.

4. Closely coordinating with team members; Putting forward product finalization and on-going upgrades.


1. 5 years product manager experiencece; applicant with experience in product developing for banking or third party payment industries, or have experience AML compliance related managing jobs are preferred.

2. Possessing rigorous logic and innovative ability; easy to find balance in different tasks; detail-oriented; able to efficiently assess business needs and design the product accordingly.

3. Great data analysis ability is required; good mastering of analytical principles, methods and tools for analyzing data; Applicants with relevent product designing experience in networking, time sequence, assorting and clustering models are preferred.

4. Good knowledge of policy and procedures of AML and compliance; able to coordinate in product and function designing.

5. Good project managing ability; able to deal with multiple tasks at same time.

6. Good oral and written expression skills

7. Sound communicating skills; cross-team coordinating ability; helping the team reach targets concerninng home and abroad projects in a efficient way.

8. Applicants withe data analytical experience or have worked in a technical team are preferred.

Product Manager (Cross-border Payment Product line)


1. Doing research based on the overall product planning; organizing and analyzing the product needs.

2. Responsible for drafting relative documents of products; promoting, controlling the development and release of products; regulating and controlling related resources.

3. Following the data tracking records and user feedback and making necessary adjustment for published products.

4. Coordinating with research team, UE team, operation team to reach goals.

5. Thoroughly analyzing and digging out customer needs; focusing on adding product value and user experience.

6. Constantly monitoring the trend of mobile industry and our competitors; able to put forward product optimatizing suggestions accordingly.


1. Minimum of bachelor degree; at least four years' experience in internet product designing; good paperwork skills.

2. Good knowledge in product UI and UE; familiar with mainstream features of internet products.

3. Familiar with the implementing process of internet product, including user research, demand analysis, product engineering and testing.

4. Good communicating and coordinating skills; a team player; good organizing skills; responsible character; able to resist high pressure from work.

5. With industry insight and sensitive to any market signs.


1. Applicants with product engineering in banking industry or third party payment industry are preferred.

2. Experience with complicated ligistical or e-commerce operational systems are preferred.

3. Product Manager for other line of business is not considered.

4. Please provide product outcomes for our reference. you might provide website address or APP name for published products.

Data Developing Intern

1. Responsible for wet crawler system developing.

2. Extracting web pages and texts; data cleansing research and optimizing job


1. Good knowledge of Python language; familiar with crawler designing and realizing processes.

2. previous experience in doing wet crawler job, information extracting and developing job and familiar with anti- crawler techniques are preferred.

3. Familiar with MySQL or other similiar relational database and familiar with regular expresion are preferred.

4. Familiar with website crawling and analyzing, having experience in website data-deduplication, statistic analysis, natural language processing are preferred.

5. Only university students applicable(third grade and above); minimal three working days per week.

Salary: negotiable

Nice and experienced BAT seniors; enable you to be professional in only three months;

Software Architect

Job Description

1. Carrying out overall and advanced framwork design and realizing technical details; Pushing forward the framework landing of related systems; Solving framework problems encountered in business operations; enchancing the stability of system platform.

2. Solving key structuring and tecnical problems of important project; in charge of doing research and conquering technical difficulties in product developing.

3. Providing traning and instructions to developing teams; Planning the developing path for technological framework.


1. At least five years' experience in system structure designing of large project system; ability to launch the designation; Proficient in solving framework problems by deploying distributed, cache or notice machanism; applicants with framework structuring experience in payment, logistic and fluid control systems are preferred.

2. Good master of Python, Java or PHP; good knowledge of mysql, algorithms, distributed computation; having good understanding and accumulated knowledge relating to Python, Java or PHP

3. Familiar with system optimizing methods, system safety framework, system quality assurance system. Applicants with complete testing experience are preferred.

4. Good logical thinking and communicating skills; responsible character; having desire and passion to conquer technical difficulties.

Senior Front-end Programmer

Job Description

1. Finishing the designing and developing of front-end products in accordance with product designing requirements.

2. Promoting user experience, front-end performance of our products; Increasing developing efficiency of the whole team.

3. Researching and discovering new developing modes and advanced front-end technology, further to apply them in products among teams.


1. Good master of CSS, visually regenerating product designs to pixel level; proficient realizing interractive logics by using common JS classlib or framework.

2. Good master of PHP, able to compile high-quality, mantainable front-end operational code by using common classlib and framework.

3. Possessing cross-terminal developing skills; having experience in PC Web, Mobile H5, Native App(at least two of them) is preferred.

4. Constant passion with front-end technology; good logical thinking skills; open minded and easy-going; able to cope with teams with different skill backgrouds.

Senior Python Programmer

Job Description

1. Incharge of core framework designing, requirement analysis and code development of business transactions.

2. In charge of framework designing, requirement analysis and code developing of company PaaS and open platforms.


1. Good Knowledge of Python; Previous diango, flask, tornado and other framework developing expenrience is a plus; Applicants with developing experience in crawler, log analysis system, payment and logistic system are preferred.

2. Good knowledge of relational database, cache and distributed computation, like MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, HBase, Redis, Memcache, Celery, etc.

3. Good master of common data structure and algorithms as well as various designing models and object-oriented designing principles; good model abtracting ability.

Good coding habits; Good study ability and communicating skills; having team spirit and passions.

Financial Intern

Responsibilities: In charge of paying and receiving of foreign currencies, inbound/outbound payments, and interbanking money transfer.

1. Paying and collecting of cash and payments; compiling bank deposit journal, bank balance sheet adjustment and other account checking work.

2. Settling all sort of fees in accordance with company rules and making classified vouchers accordingly.

3. In charge of order pay-in and pay-out in accordance with business daily operations.

4. Arranging payments to suppliers in line with approved payment application.

5. Managing company account and on-line banking; in charge of interbank fund transfer.

6. Assisting senior financial accountant and financial assistance in dealing daily financial work.


1. Major in Accounting, auditing or financial management and other majors related to economic management.

2. Good knowledge of finance. with experience of dealing business involving foreign exchange and trade is preferred.

3. Proficient in English; able to use English as working language is preffered.

4. Having SSC(Shared Service Center) accounting experience in group companies is preferred.

5. Proficient in using office softwares and accounting softwares(Kingdee, T3)

Senior Financial Accountant

Responsibilities: overal business accounting

1. Arranging overall accounting job, compiling basic financial sheets; verifying accounting documents; bookkeeping and account settling work.

2. In full charge of settlement job; calculating and analyzing income cost; compiling consolidated financial statements, financial analysis statements, project income cost ledger and other data statistics sheets

3. In charge of calculating and declaring company taxes to ensure the in-time taxing.

4. Arranging day-to-day reimbursement; optimizing the reimbursement verifying mechanism

5. In charge of business and commerce management related business, like business registration, business alteration, deregistraion, information disclosure, etc.

6. Coordinating with accounting firm in dealing with auditing job; arranging relevent data and documents.

7. Instructing finanicl assistance to complete basic accouting work in a daily basis.

8. Other work assigned by direct manager.


1. Major in Accounting, auditing or financial management and other majors related to economic management; Minimum of bachelor degress; holding Certificate of Accounting Profession.

2. Good knowledge of PRC and GAAP, and other professional know-how related to finance.

3. At least 2-3 years working experience.

4. Familiar with country tax policies and regulations; Good knowledge of foreign exchange market;

5. Proficient in English; able to use English as working language is preffered.

6. Having SSC(Shared Service Center) accounting experience in group companies is preferred.

7. Proficient in using office softwares and accounting softwares(Kingdee, T3)

Operating Officer


1. In charge of products operations for both PC and Mobile ends products.

2. Collecting user demands; offering suggestions to optimize products.

3. Conducting user data analyzing, calculating and detecting.

4. Following and solving product services problems and website optimizing work.

5. Quickly responding to users' feedback; Ensuring the fast problem solving to enhance user experience.

6. Tracking and sorting out problems found in each transaction, and reporting it in a timely manner.

7. Other work related to business operations.


1. Minimum of bachelor degree; major in finance, market, management is preferred.

2. Good independent thinking and problem solving ability; some degree of counting and analyzing ability.

3. Good communicating and coordinating abilit; a man of action; active in mind; clear in logic; detail and target oriented.

4. Proficient in Cantonese is preferred

Customer Due Diligence Officer

Location: Tianjin(China)
Job Description

1. Promoting the efficient runnning of DD system; adjusting rules and strategies according to regulations and business needs to ensure the effective prevention of sanction risks.

2. Drafting and improving sanction operation procedures to ensure the smooth running of business; analyzing risk, system alerts and procedure outcomes, then putting forward monitoring rules and list watching strategies.

3. Coordinating with business department to promote new products or businesses, and arising reasonable suggestions accordingly to control risks.

4. Putting forward products that accelerate datamation operation and enhance system functions in accordance with new risk features and monitoring requirements.

5. Coordinating with compliance and AML management team, coping with on-site and off-site regulations to ensure compliance of company businesses.

6. Reviewing data provided by customers or third parties; building customer risk database; Understanding the transaction background; coordinate with business department to new client onboarding process and other orders in accordance wit the requirement of KYC procedures.

7. Using KYC tools like World Check or LexisNexis to complete customer due diligence and analyzing the result accordingly.

8. Making sure to complete the KYC primary review timely and guarantee its quality. checking the completeness of data provided by clients and make risk assessment accordingly.

9. Finishing KYC and write report in a timely manner


1. Minimum of bachelor degree; with profesional background in finance, bank or law industry. applicants with working experience in international banks or as data analyst are preferred.

2. At least 3 years AML、 Compliance、 Risk Control work experience in financial institutions or the same industry as us. Applicant with CAMS certificate or have work experience in sactionning or screening international suspicious transanctions are preferred.

3. Familiar with banking industry, payment-related business and product as well as the identifying and analyzing methods of money laundering actions and sanction risks; Having study through the efficient ways of preventing money laundering activities.

4. Rigorous working attitude; good logical thinking and multi-language communicating skills; able to guide the team to complete high quality suspicious transaction screening jobs; able to independently write suspicious report; able to provide traning to team members.

5. Good at organizing, planning, controlling and coordinating; good team player; pressure resisting trait; able to lead the team in achieving its goals.