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Yes. Fees are applicable to fund settlements. The settlement date is T+1. (T means transaction date.)
Funds are collectible in 1 to 2 working days (excluding holidays) after the submission of fund-settling application.
Yes, the service fee corresponding to the refunded amount will be returned to merchant’s account.
The actual transaction time shall be confirmed with Wechat.
Yes. For transactions occurred during the day, it must be refunded before 12 pm(CST). The system will automatically close the refund function at 12 p m(CST) for any transactions before made.

Wechat is about to settle funds; please be patient.

Only the bank account registered by companies and sole proprietaries during registration process is eligible for settlement.
No, money is only withdrawable to currently bound bank account. To change current account, please contact our BD Manager.

Withdrawable Amount = Net Transaction Amount - Settlement Fee - withdrawal Fee

Net Transaction Amount = Total Payment - Total Refund

Settlement Fee = Net transaction Amount * Charge Rate

Withdrawal Fee = 80 HKD/ Transaction (For other currencies, please refer to website notices.)

The settlement period is demonstrated as T+N. In the Nth day after the settlement-qualified transaction occurrs, the unsettled transactions occur before the Nth day will all be settled.

The transaction dates referred to in T+ N settlement period mean: the furthest transaction date to the date before settlement date, on the premises that the furthest transaction date has past N-1 day(s) till the settlement date.

T+1: Fund will be settled one days after (in the 2nd day of) the day when settlement criteria are met. For example, [T+1] on the first day of August, a 10-Yuan deal is done, on the 2nd day of August, that 10 yuan will be settled.

The examples shown below are for reference only. The actual delivery charge is subject to change in accordance with the charge rate adjustment made by Wechat and banks.

Net Transaction Amount Charge Rate Settlement Fee Withdrawal Fee Withdrawable Amount
35000 HKD 1.8 % 630 HKD 80 HKD 34290 HKD
45000 HKD 1.8 % 810 HKD 60 HKD 44130 HKD

*Note: 1. When the net withdrawal amount is less than 40k HKD, the withdrawal fee applicable is 80 HKD

*Note: 2. When the net withdrawal amount is equal to or more than 40k HKD, the withdrawal fee applicable is 60 HKD

Basic Information

Business Name, DBA, Industry Type, Store pictures/ websites, Service Line, Region, Brief Business Profile and other information.

Contact Information

Contact Person, Contact Tel and Contact E-mail

Identity Information:

A scanned copy of identity document (ID card or passport) belonging to actual controllers of business is required. (The actual controller of a business is defined as the individual shareholder who owns over 25% of company shares, or any director who has the actual control of the company). A copy of share certificate is also required.

The information listed above is mandatory to provide.

The information provided by merchant doesn’t meet the entry criteria.
The verification process usually takes 1 to 2 workdays after the submission of required information.
Wechat Cross-border Payment accepts currencies like GBP, HKD, USD, JPY, CAD, AUD, EUR, NZD and SGD.
When calculating the service fee, we round the number to 2 decimal places.

Processing: Buyer has not yet completed the payment.

Received: Buyer has successfully made the payment.

Failed: Buyer failed to pay the order or the order is no longer valid.

Full Refund: The full amount of the order has been returned to the buyer.

Partial Refund: The payment has been returned partially to the buyer.

Refunding: Refunding request is under process.

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