HipoPay Global Partner Program

HipoPay is far more than a simple integration of various payment channels. Instead, it is designed to create more value for each of our clients. We really hope we can cultivate a new payment eco-system in cooperation with companies that have professional background and abundant experience in providing software services.

Partners We Are Looking For

Business solutions provider

Offline payment service provider

Cross-border e-commerce software platform

Software outsourcing provider

Companies with outstanding sales and client resources.

Supports We Offer

Technical Support

Our engineers are from banks and payment companies and their professional experience enables them to provide stable and secure technical support for you.

Competitive Price

We offer absolutely competitive price to guarantee your profits and turnovers.

0 Cost 0 Threshold 0 Task

Flexible Sales Approaches

Partners are allowed to sell our products separately or by bundling your own products together in one package

After-sales Support

Our BD manager will give you one-to-one support & advice and our after-sales engineers are there 24/7 to ensure quick and efficient technical support.

Professional Training

Regularly/irregularly provide partners with all-round and integrated skill trainings

Cooperation Procedures

Consult and negotiate

Sign a cooperation agreement

Set up accounts for partners

Coordinate training details

Professional follow-up






Be Our Partner

If your clients are requiring cross-border payment or you are the cross-border software services provider interested in partnering with us, we'd love to hear from you!



Email address

Phone number

Intended Cooperation

Or please call 400-910-1230 to reach our BD manager